Would you like a safe place to talk about your body, your sexuality, your hopes, fears, and dreams in relationship? Would you like to be in the presence of caring hands and a caring heart? To explore at your own pace and timing?

What Does a Session Look Like?

Intimacy Wellness Sessions combine Shamanic Healing and Relationship Coaching to clear beliefs and stuck patterns that are no longer serving you from childhood, from society, or past lovers.  Through bodywork, Somatic and Tantric exercises, let go, open and heal your body.  Experience more joy, embodiment, and empowerment in your love-life by turning up the turn-on – your way!  Learn how to teach your partner what you need and want.

* Intimacy wellness sessions incorporate energy healing with coaching, breath, touch, meditation and other experiential modalities.  Working with these practices helps you learn on a sensate-level. Sessions are done fully clothed. No nudity. Your boundaries are always respected.


Is An Intimacy Wellness Package For Me?

  • Let go of what is holding you back, step into your full feminine essence
  • Experience your energy and sensations in new ways
  • Express your emotions in a safe container
  • Clear your frustration, discover your potential
  • Release the stress and shame around sex
  • Re-energize your life
  • Feel what it feels like to be completely yourself
  • Learn how to ask for what you want from a partner and to enjoy your body more
  • Break free from societal programming around sex

Find Out More

Zoey Wren is a powerful healer who is deeply intuitive and inspiring. In my last session with her, Zoey helped me in cutting ties with my ex-partner and releasing him from my body-mind. Her shamanic approach along with the safety she created supported me to be enveloped by the healing energy and encouraged me to open to my own intuition. Her sound healing and drum beat were unearthly in their power and resonance. I left the session deeply altered. I am so grateful to Zoey for her brilliance as a healer, authenticity, sense of humour and loving kindness. I highly recommend her especially to anyone seeking a healer for spiritual and emotional issues.

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