Reuben and I are getting ready to teach a 4-week Tantra for Couples course in Nelson, starting Wednesday June 5th and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my excitement for Tantra and what it has done for us!

For us, there is now a clear distinction between “conventional sex” and “tantric” (or conscious) sex.  Going back to conventional sex is near impossible now that we have experienced the benefits of Tantra.

For me, Tantra has been a way to use sex to grow and evolve as a human being.  In Tantra I get to step into my full vulnerability, to feel all my emotions, to love and explore my body, to release my shame around sexuality, to own and claim my full juicy femininity.  This has caused me to fall more deeply in love with my partner – and with my self!

One of the benefits of Tantra that I hold the most dear is PRESENCE.  This means there is no goal except to be in the moment.  It starts with setting an intention:  offering lovemaking to something greater than just “getting off.”  The intention could be to experience deep connection, to dive into the heart of passion, to feel held and supported, to feel safe, to feel all your feelings, or even to make manifest a dream.  Reuben and I have been dedicating our lovemaking recently to finding our dream home!

If you think about it, sexual energy is the creative energy of the universe.  When it is dedicated and directed it can be used to heal, transform and create anything!

Tantra is also about VULNERABILITY.  This means getting out of the way, letting go of my small self, being ready for whatever I am meant to experience.  I enter the mystery together with my partner through breath, eye gazing, and getting fully present in all my senses.  Then I follow the flow and keep communicating as I go…

Tantra paves the way for deep connection because I am “off script” when it comes to what to do, or what to feel in the bedroom.  If I am really present, any emotion may arise:  sadness, anger, fear, grief, rage.  These emotions come up because the channel has been opened for intimacy  (INTO-ME-YOU-SEE).  And because we all have wounding around connection and attachment that needs to be healed.

Tantra helps create a safe container for honesty and vulnerability.  This is a huge gift in a longterm relationship. 

So many couples hit a wall in their intimacy lives because sex simply becomes boring.  With Tantra, sex is different every time, just like you and I are different in every moment.  Tantra is about being in the moment!

One thing I love about Tantra is that even a beginner can dip their toe into the water and begin to see their partner as the Divine.  Each of us is connected to that essential thread of the Universe.  Each of us carries the key to freedom, joy and liberation.  Once you begin to see this reflection in your partner’s eyes, once you begin to feel the purity of touch with no goal, feeling all your sensations, your inner self is awakened and you begin to enliven all aspects of your life.

Tantra is also about PLAY.  Play is one of the huge keys that gets lost as couples become entrenched in longterm relationships.  The openness to the unknown gets lost.  There is a settling into familiar patterns and habits.

In the past 3 years in my relationship, my sexual desires and life desires began to speak loudly and clearly. With this, Tantra paved the way for us to realize a major life transformation. We moved to Nelson, a dream we had been holding for 2 decades, we got new jobs and started a whole new life.  In fact, Reuben and I quite literally became different people.  Our communication is now different, our touch is different, our emotional connection is different, our lifestyle is different.

Tantra has helped us both become more of who we really are as individuals and as a couple.  We play more, we are present more, and we are vulnerable more often with each other.

It is so incredible what is possible when learning to respect the creative power of the universe living in our own bodies!  It is with this excitement and gratitude that Reuben and I have begun offering tantra courses to others.

We want to help as many couples and individuals as we can to learn the tools and techniques that we use for tantric sex and to experience the growth, joy, and liberation that we have experienced.  If you are in Nelson, please check out our upcoming free intro for couples on May 29th.

If you are not in Nelson and you would like to experience a couples retreat, we will be opening our doors this Fall for couples intensives.

Imagine spending a whole weekend with your partner in beautiful Nelson, BC,  immersed in Tantra and supported through private coaching to breakthrough where you may be blocked and transform your intimacy life from conventional to cosmic!!  For more information on couples retreats in Nelson, reply to this email and we’ll start the conversation.

For now, we wish you so much joy and inspiration.  May you continue to flow toward your dreams and experience all the passion and pleasure that you deserve.

Remember, Love is your Nature!