I wanted to share a fun video with you this week!

When returning to visit Nelson over the past few years, I discovered that this town (where I have now moved)!!  and I, have quite a few things  in common.  One of them is…dance!

I was telling a friend as I was leaving Vancouver that dance is part of my healthy aging plan.  There are at least about 7 dance classes per week at this one place in Nelson called the Moving Centre that I am so excited to partake in!  I’ll be dancing every day of the week…..

Here is a “behind the scenes” clip of Reuben and me filming for the Relationship is an Adventure movie.  The type of dance we move into in the clip is called Contact Improv.

Dance keeps me sensual, healthy and alive. What about you?  What is your healthy aging plan?

Love is your nature,
– Zoey

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