Friday eve: 7pm-9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-5pm
$345 (includes 2 lunches, tea and snacks)
Full weekend: Early bird rate $295 until April 5 (You save $50)

Beautiful nature setting, Kalein Centre, 402 Richard Street West, Nelson, Canada



Do you yearn to take a deep dive into the heart of your feminine power?

To unleash your passion, creativity and eroticism?


Whether you choose to channel your erotic energy into creativity, work, relationship, spirituality, health, parenting, or sex:

  • Discover what you really want and how to ask for it
  • Explore what is standing in your way
  • Step through the doorway of desire into a radiant, magnetic, irresistible new life
  • Be surrounded and supported by a conscious and loving group of women

 The Wild Feminine is your birthright!

This weekend retreat includes education, guidance and practice in standing in your “true no” and healing, renewing, and expressing your powerful YES!  Together we’ll hold sacred space for emergence from the ashes of inauthenticity, disempowerment, over-giving, self-sabotage, and self de-prioritizing, so you can become a stronger and more inspired mother, daughter, sister, healer, lover.

Build your life around deeper needs, visions, and desires fueled by the power of your erotic energy!



Friday May 10th: 7pm – 9pm

THEME: Your Wild Feminine and Erotic Nature

What do these
mean to you and why are they important?

  1. Explore & co-discover the unique ways you connect with Your Wild Feminine and Your Erotic Nature as an internal way of being.
  2. Begin mapping how you touch and identify the heart of your yearning & power
  3. Co-explore the power of presence and self-compassion as your ground of sovereignty

* Guided Exercises *Movement * Reflections *Self-Inquiry


Saturday May 11th: 10am – 5pm

THEME: Embracing Your Power, Cleansing & Clearing Old Patterns


Looking at what’s happening inside and outside of you to find your way to sovereign choice and embodied action.

  1. Explore limiting and shame based beliefs about your wild, erotic and sovereign self.
  2. Identify what is social conditioning and what is your learned protective mechanism.  Exploring pain as a teacher and gateway to sovereignty.
  3. Unearthing your yearnings.  What stops you from living them?

*Intuitive Sound & Movement *Exploring Your Yes and No *Partner Play and Reflection *Introspection time (walking, stretching, journaling)


Sunday May 12th: 10 am – 5 pm

THEME: Desire, Dreaming and Creation of Your Yearning

Your capacity to touch your yearnings, feel the power of your soul’s longing and take steps towards its expression as the nectar of your deepest fulfillment.  One small step at a time…….that’s all it takes!

  1. Connecting to and embracing your erotic power as your life force
  2. Translating your yearning into creative expression (beyond the bedroom and out into the world)

*Power Reclamation Ritual *Actualizing Your Yes *Honouring Your Body and the Embodiment of Desire *New Creations and Determination *Radical Honesty and Manifestation



Anne-Marie Marron is an integrative coach who partners with you to mine for patterns and beliefs that have limited your erotic life force and sexual expression. She supports you to descend from your head into your heart, into your gut, sex, and ground of being as a way of embodying and feeling your power, integrity and juicy aliveness.

Anne-Marie offers individual coaching that includes both practical and shamanic principles of integration, remembering wholeness through the channels of dialogue, embodied and experiential exercises, introspective guidance and integrative practices.

For More Info about Anne-Marie and her work:

Zoey Wren is a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach who trained through the Somatica® Institute in Berkeley California. She is also a Shamanic Sound Healer and Tantra teacher.

Zoey works with couples and individuals to bring more intimacy, eroticism and sensuality into sex and more fun, love and connection into relationship.

Through her Embodying the Feminine group program, her private coaching practice, as well as her own personal journey, Zoey teaches women (and men) how to live courageously in power, pleasure and passion.


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