I’ve got a question for you: are you rested enough for pleasure?

Last fall I wrote a blog called “8 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Low Desire.”  I have been since recording videos for you.  If you didn’t read that blog you can find it here.

In order to feel desire and turn on, you need to feel open and safe.  You need to feel rested in order to be able to FOCUS ON PLEASURE.

So why aren’t you? 

Could it be that you have been rushing around all day, taking care of multiple responsibilities, pushing past your limits, running your adrenals dry and then running on back up energy ( I know this one so well!)

It hasn’t been that long since women were allowed to vote or engage in the business world like we are now.  And the result is we’ve mostly just gotten busier.  We’ve gotten used to this new buzy-ness.  Everyone is stressed out all the time.  The wave of feminism has been a bit of a mixed bag …

So how can you get off the treadmill and bring some juicy loving back into your life?

In my own journey, I have been able to turn on and turn toward pleasure by focusing more on it.   It’s a real and important thing!

I was never given this idea as a young woman, or anywhere in my upbringing.  Pleasure is a healthy goal in life.  It wasn’t until my system started crashing when I started a coaching business and my marriage started faltering that I realized that something big was missing.

The first thing I started doing was taking more baths.  Taking time to soak in epsom salts and luxuriate in relaxation and down time.  Baths are a great way to slow down and focus on pleasure.

Here are some other ways to start resting more and de-stressing yourself so you can be more open, juicy and turned on.  When you sink into and honour the feeling of pleasure, you get more and more of it!

1) Put yourself first.  Literally schedule your own time for re-creation, restoration, and relaxation.  Put it into your day timer first. Then put in everything and everybody else!

2) Delegate.  Reach out for emotional support.  Ask for help around the house.  Stop doing everything!  If women don’t speak up, we end up doing EVERYTHING!  Work, home, family, community.  It’s all fair game.  Stop this draining cycle and give over some of your work.

3) Improve or start a self pleasure practice.  I will be providing you tips and guidance around this in the upcoming months.

Watch the video above to learn more about why stress is getting in the way of sex and what to do about it!

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Love is Your Nature,
– Zoey Wren