Many women associate menstruation, pregnancy and menopause as times of low sexual desire.  Is it really true?  Is your desire for sex really low during these times? Or is it what you’ve been fed (yet again) by society?

Last fall I wrote a blog called “8 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Low Desire.”  I have been since recording videos for you.  If you didn’t read that blog you can find it here.

So, ok, we can’t ignore the fact that hormonal balance does affect chemical libido.  I can attest to it myself.  I am officially peri-menopausal, haven’t had a period in 6 months now.  Along with this has come different body sensations, different challenges, and different desires in the bedroom.

If I compared the me I am now to the me I was a year ago, she was experiencing an estrogen spike = I want sex all the time, I would feel that I am experiencing low desire in comparison!!

But thanks to the research of Emily Nagoski and others, I know that most of this is in my mind.  And my mind has been sculpted by my society…..  That is why my sex life is actually better than ever!

Watch this week’s video to learn the truth about sexual desire and hormones.

Your low desire for sex when you are in hormone fluctuation, pregnant, menstruating, or in menopause, is more a product of getting used to how your body is changing and not recognizing who you are/who you are becoming. Not feeling comfy in your own skin.

You may not feel you can give as much, be as active, act as sexy, or be the initiatress.  But you still may want to be loved, adored, cuddled, connected with, physically nourished, played with, turned on, aroused, teased, honoured, pampered, penetrated…..

What about deep slow, sex?  Stopping to take breaks or communicate during sex?  Non-penetrative sex, or no goal of orgasm sex?

Your desire for sex is going to change from day to day, month to month, and life stage to life stage.  It’s called being a WOMAN!  And it is a gift.  It is connected to the rhythms of nature, to the rise and fall of all energy cycles.

When you allow yourself to play, to ask for what you want, to have sex whenever you want to, you are honouring your true nature.  Your true nature is erotic and mysterious and ever-changing.

Watch the video above to learn how I have been navigating some of the “symptoms” of peri-menopause.  And whatever stage you are in, trust your body.

She knows what she really wants and doesn’t want.  Nobody else does.

Love is Your Nature,
– Zoey Wren