Did you enjoy the movie we made last month, “Relationship is an Adventure?”  I’m so excited to share with you the sequel: “Leap and the Net Will Follow.”

I am no stranger to taking leaps of faith.  I have followed my intuition many times in life.  Each time there was no guarantee of results, no guarantee of return on investment, no promise of being liked or being understood…

Over the past 15 years, I independently recorded 3 CDs.  I took 3 major coach training courses.  Each time, Reuben stood behind me.  He was my rock.

This is the first time we are taking a major leap of faith together.  We have had to stand behind each other and be there for each other.   If you have done this before, you know that when you follow your heart, you enter into  a state of surrender.  You have to say “Spirit – you do it!”  And two people in surrender together is a powerful force!

Want to know what happens next?
Keep following us!  We have some awesome videos to roll out in early Fall about deepening connection and intimacy in relationship.  I will be sharing with you some gems in the months ahead as well on how to unlock your feminine essence so you can thrive fully in your life!

Please remember – love is your nature.

– Zoey Wren

Have you ever taken a leap of faith before?  Please comment below!
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