holy-hailI have been giving presentations on sound healing for the past year and a half focusing on research and science, as well as offering voice workshops for self-expression, personal awareness and healing. I love this work. I find the research absolutely fascinating and awe-inspiring.

I have had great feedback from the workshops and also great results with private sound healing sessions. But two months ago, I had an experience that impressed upon me the absolute beauty and unquestionable power of sound vibration.

Some of the research that I particularly love is the work of Masuru Emoto. In his book, Hidden Messages in Water, Emoto displays photos of frozen water crystallizing in a variety of shapes. When in the presence of beautiful music or words such as “thank you” and “I love you” the water produces beautiful crystals. When coming from polluted urban centers the water forms distorted crystals. Water that has been played heavy metal music does not crystallize at all. Little did I know that I would be given an opportunity to witness this research first hand.

Since I needed a new photo for a voice workshop, and since my husband is a talented photographer, we set off for Buntzen Lake on a balmy Sunday in late February. Deciding to make a day of it, we packed a lunch. We packed fleece mats for sitting on, camera and tripod. The sky was cloudy but we were happy it was not raining. We set up on the beach and captured some great shots with mist and snow capped mountains in the background. Then we packed up the camera and headed for a walk in the woods.

As soon as we got into the trees the sky began shifting. A cool breeze moved through and I suddenly regretted not wearing my long johns under my yoga pants. It was February after all, not May. Nonetheless we continued on, admiring the lush moss on trees trunks and the ferns on the forest floor. After walking in silence for several minutes I stopped in mid step as Reuben called out “here!” He had found a spot for another photo.

At his request I stepped off the trail and went over to a tree. I posed in a gesture of open song as I had been doing down by the lake. I began to tone “AH” into the air with my arms outreached. Being February, however, it began to hail.

As per usual, Reuben was looking for the perfect shot.

“Wait!” he said. “ Stay put!”

I began to laugh and continued to sing “AH” into the air. Hail fell on me and melted into my hair and eyelashes.

Once satisfied, Reuben gestured me to come and check out the photos in the camera viewfinder. But as I stepped from the forest floor back onto the trail, something else caught my eye. On the forest floor laid a tiny white flower. In a small area around us I noticed that hail was falling in these exquisite shapes. Enchanted, I crouched down to take a closer look. The “flowers” were actually six pointed stars: Stars of David.

“Oh my god!” I said. “Have you ever seen hail like this before?”

Then: “Quick Quick, shoot this!” I said to Reuben. The hail was melting rapidly.

After several seconds the hail around us then pelted down in its usual nondescript blobs and chunks. It had been a momentary miracle.

From my work in sound healing, I have had people commonly report results such as better sleep, mental clarity, more energy, and release of chronic pain. They also report changing jobs, moving house, leaving relationships, and starting creative projects – big life transformations. But as far as the power of sound goes, it is the “holy hail” at Buntzen Lake that has left an indelible mark.

As we walked back to the car abandoning our plans to walk and picnic, it dawned on me that we had unwittingly performed our very own Masuru Emoto experiment. It was pretty clear that something caused the hail to crystallize for a moment because it fell in normal shapes before and after.

I began to think about the Star of David and about the images of the chakras seen by yogis and meditators. A memory from my yoga teacher training drifted back to me.

“Star of David is the heart chakra!” I remembered.

Wanting to confirm this, I ran to my bookshelf when we arrived home and pulled out a book on kundalini yoga. I quickly flipped through the diagrams. I had been singing “AH” – the sound of the heart chakra. I arrived at the diagram and there it was in front of me: a twelve-petal lotus with two interlocking triangles in the centre, one pointing up and one pointing down. The Star of David is a universal symbol for yin and yang, upward and downward, balanced energy flow; harmony of the heart, where the energies of the mind and body meet.

“Amazing,” I thought to myself. “Absolutely amazing!”

Looking at the diagram and thinking about what had occurred I felt deep respect for sound and the power of voice. My thought was: “If I can create a Star of David, who knows what I can create.”

Thank you Universe for revealing to me your incredible mystery so clearly. I am in awe of what crystals perhaps we form when we sing, tone, call out, cry forth; speak with love and compassion. For after all, we ourselves are more than 70% water!

– Zoey