Here’s to you!  Here’s to you for being a woman (or a man) who cares about healing, living life to the fullest, and the evolution of the planet.

I have been writing a blog for a year now on LOVE EMPOWERMENT:  how to love your body and thrive in your relationships!  Now I want to hear from you. What do REALLY, REALLY want to receive in your inbox on these topics?

Please answer a few questions below to help me better guide and uplift your journey of relationship and intimacy.  It will only take a few minutes….  *your answers are completely confidential*

Once you send your reply, I will send you a FREE GIFT:  5 Steps to Embracing Your Pleasure as a Woman.  This will be fun!  I just re-read the 5 Steps and re-inspired myself – ha, ha!!

Only 3 years ago, I was struggling with my love life and the lack of information and support around feminine sexuality.  Now I am thriving and growing and sometimes absolutely BLISSED OUT and HIGH on gratitude because of the coaching I have done and the changes in my sex life.  I WANT THIS FOR YOU TOO!  But I need to hear what you long for, in your words…

So please answer the questions below or click on this link and receive your FREE GIFT NOW!

Pleasure is healing.  You are programmed for pleasure.  It is your guiding light and birthright.  I want to help you create a relationship where you feel truly seen, met, heard and held.  I want to help you manifest an inspiring and healing sex life where you feel safe and free so you can explore and transform and have more fun!

Please hit reply and answer the questions below or click on this link to receive your FREE GIFT NOW!  Here’s to you and here’s to your pleasure!

Love is your nature,

– Zoey Wren

* your answers are completely confidential*

1. What is your age/gender?
2. Are you single or in a relationship?
3. What do you want more of in your love life?
4. What is missing in your sex life?
5. Where do you feel stuck?
6. What helps you the most to feel confident about yourself?
7. When you hear the term “feminine essence” or “feminine power” what do you think?
8. What scares you the most about relationship/your sexuality?
9. What kind of information about sex would really rock your world?
10. What do you really, really want as a woman, (if you are a woman)?

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