Four years ago I had a powerful experience that marked my transition from being an urban recluse to trusting and sharing my gifts as a healer. For a decade I had been holed up in a Vancouver apartment, studying complimentary healing and practicing yoga
and meditation. Each day my husband would go off to work and I would go inside to work.

In August 2008 I registered for a Continuum workshop at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. I was very drawn to this method of transformational voice and movement therapy. I had already practiced Continuum with a teacher locally, but after reading the book Life on Land by Emilie Conrad, I knew I wanted to meet its founder.

Since about 1999 I had rarely left my neighborhood in Vancouver. When I did, I usually took the bus, or my husband would drive. But this time I was taking off on my own by car with two ferries and a water taxi ahead of me. That morning I had to verily push my body out the door with my mind, it was such an unfamiliar experience.

I drove toward Horseshoe Bay in pelting summer rain. As I approached the exit to the ferry there were signs warning of construction. The rest of the traffic was veering left and I wasn’t sure what to do. Thinking everyone else must be going somewhere else, I followed the signs down what I thought was the correct lane.

My visibility was poor through the foggy windshield, but I did start to notice that the roadway was sprinkled with gravel and small rocks. Suddenly I realized something was wrong. I stopped the car.

Thank God! When I got out I saw that my lane ended abruptly in midair another thirty feet ahead! Had I not stopped I would have driven right off the cliff. As I backed up with a pounding heart, I knew for sure that I was in for a life-changing week.

The Continuum workshop took place in a yoga temple nestled in the woods. Soft light flooded the temple from skylights and picture windows as we lay out our yoga mats and began to explore breath and sound in supine positions.

During one of the sessions I began to access a streaming flow of inner imagery. This was something that had happened to me since I was young, when playing piano or meditating. This particular time, however, the imagery was flowing extremely fast.

When Emilie came over to me I told her what was happening and she asked me if it distracting me. I shook my head “no.” She was satisfied and continued on.

As Emilie moved away the room around me began to shift. I found myself in the dark inner cavern of what appeared to be an Egyptian pyramid. I had a sense of having been in there for many days.

As the imagery continued I saw a group of students exploring the realms of sound and healing, just as we were now, only in a different time and space. Could it be that we at Hollyhock were tapping into the same energy medicine that was known and used so long ago?

In my training as a sound healer in 2005 with Simon Heather, I learned that ancient Egyptian papyri referred to incantations that were cures for such things as infertility and rheumatism. These papyri were over 2,600 years old.

This experience intrigued and humbled me. I had never before had such a real experience of parallel time and space. My inner vision and my eventful car trip to Hollyhock gave me two insights.

First, I was now convinced of the power and timelessness of sound healing. Second, I recognized my wrong exit at the ferry as a symbol of my hermetic existence – a dead-end precipice.

It was now time to come out of the pyramid, to come out of my cavern. I would travel the road alongside others, where my gifts would shine and where the wisdom of the ancients would flow through me.

– Zoey