In January I made the first of many video blogs.  It was called Saying Yes to Pleasure.  I’m finally following up with another video.  This one is on the power of sound.

Many of you know about my background with sound, as an energy healer and singer/songwriter/recording artist.  Sound is very powerful for connecting on an emotional, non-verbal level.  When it comes to the area of relationships, sound is tool for self-development as well as deepening with a partner.

Most people have shyness around opening their voice.  This is a cultural issue.  It is seen as shameful or not normal to express what’s really inside, or to express pleasure.   How SAD is that?

Sound opens you naturally to feeling more.  It can really help you get in your body as well as release and express yourself.  This helps you be more vulnerable and real in relationships.  Want to learn more?