Step 1: Attunement

Whenever you approach a woman, notice her body language, her face expression, her rhythm of breathing, her tone of voice. What emotion does she seem to be experiencing? What does she seem to be wanting? Is it cuddling, eye gazing, or words of appreciation? Or maybe some high energy fun like laughing, wrestling, being silly?  A compassionate listening ear?

Step 2: Start With Whole Body Connected Touch

In order to help a woman open up, she needs touch all over her body.  She wants to feel that you are connected while touching her.  There is nothing more delicious and inviting to a woman than being touched all over by someone who is not demanding or moving to target.  But don’t hold out on your desire either. Show your energy!

Step 3:  Attunement

How is she doing? Notice her breath, her sounds, her movements. Check in with her. How is your pace? How is the pressure of your touch? How can you make it even better for her?

Step 4: Varied Touch

Women like varied touch as well as varied location. Try touching her with feather light strokes, fingertips and the soft palm of your hand.  Also try touching her with a very firm and passionate hold. Now try a combo touch. One hand holds her firmly while the other teases and tickles her with feather touch. Always stay connected to your own sense of pleasure while doing this. Feel and exude the pleasure of touching her as well as the pleasure of what more you would like to do to her. But not yet!

Step 5: Attunement   (Are you noticing a pattern here?)

How is she doing? What kind of touch is her favorite? What would she like more of? Notice and encourage her smiles, sounds, and movements. Tell her that she is beautiful and that you welcome all of her to show up. Even the parts she may be ashamed of.

Step 6: Words of Love

Find out what she likes most to be told. Some women are very romantic. They like to be told that they are the center of your universe and that you would go to the ends of the earth for them! Other women love passion. They like to be told how you can’t resist them and that you want to devour them! A third category of women like power.  They would like to be commanded or alternately, have you as their slave for an hour. What kind of woman are you dealing with?  Find out what seems really gets the energy and excitement going.

Step 7: Attunement

Attune. Check. Double check. Check again. How is she doing?

Step 8: Respect The Entrance To The Sacred Womb

A woman’s vagina is the gateway to life, birth, sustenance, mystery, and creativity.   This is something that deserves high respect.  It likes to be teased all around first. Her delicate petals and amazing structures will fill and blossom to your touch if they are given proper attention. Watch her genitalia inflate and redden with circulation. Feel and communicate the differences you observe. Give special attention to the clitoris. Notice the effect it has on you to cause her arousal!

Step 9: Attunement

Get feedback. Give praise and encouragement. Attune. Attune.  Attune.

Step 10: Ride The Waves

Many people think that once sex starts it needs to keep pushing ever upward to climax. But sexual energy actually comes and goes in waves. It’s okay to stop, to talk, to cuddle, to caress, to debrief, and start again. Whatever you do, stay connected to the waves of energy between you and you will keep going higher and higher together.

Step 11: Don’t Get Too Lost In Your Own Escalation

Take her with you. If you are getting too far ahead, stop and go back to whole body touch or to teasing around her vagina again. Use eye contact, words of appreciation, and breathe together.  Be open to sexual healing.  Sometimes strong emotions come up.  Take this as a compliment.  You are helping a woman to unblock her own powerful feminine essence.

Step 12: Did I Say Attunement?

Attunement! Attunement! Attunement!!
This is all about attunement.